Find Intercepts Using Standard Form Of Linear Equation Worksheet

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To find intercepts using standard form of linear equation class, \( A \), \( B \), and \( C \) are integers in a linear equation \( Ax + By = C \), where \( A \) and \( B \) are not both zero. Establish \( y = 0 \) and solve for \( x \) to obtain the \( x \)-intercept. Establish \( x = 0 \) and solve for \( y \) to obtain the \( y \)-intercept. This technique aids in mapping the line and comprehending its characteristics.

Algebra 1
Linear Relationship

How Will This Worksheet on "Find Intercepts Using Standard Form of Linear Equation" Benefit Your Student's Learning?

  • Use real-world applications to strengthen algebraic skills.
  • Equations can be seen on a coordinate plane with the aid of graphic representation.
  • Develop analytical skills by using problem-solving techniques to identify intercepts.
  • Recognize how graphical representations of equations are created.
  • Get ready for more complex arithmetic subjects like equation systems.

How to Find Intercepts Using Standard Form of Linear Equation?

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Solved Example

Q. Find the y y -intercept of the line 14x16y=10 14x - 16y = -10 .\newlineWrite your answer as an integer or decimal or fraction, not as an ordered pair.
  1. Substitute x=0x = 0: To find the yy-intercept, you can plug in x=0x = 0 into the equation 14x16y=1014x - 16y = -10. \newline14(0)16y=1014(0) - 16y = -10\newline 16y=10-16y = -10
  2. Solve for y: Solve for yy by dividing both sides by 16-16. \newline16y16=1016\frac{-16y}{-16} = \frac{-10}{-16}\newline y=1016y = \frac{10}{ 16}
  3. Simplify the fraction: Simplify the fraction 1016 \frac{10}{16} . \newliney=58 y = \frac{5}{8}

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