Check If `(X,Y)` Satisfies The Equation Worksheet

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Check if `(x,y)` satisfies the equation is about seeing if a given point `(x,y)` fits into a certain equation. We do this by putting the values of `x` and `y` into the equation and seeing if both sides match. If they do, the point works in the equation; if not, it doesn't. This helps us confirm solutions, draw graphs correctly, and understand how numbers relate in math problems.

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How Will This Worksheet on "Check If `(x,y)` Satisfies the Equation" Benefit Your Student's Learning?

  • Enhances understanding of how to apply mathematical concepts in problem-solving situations.
  • Reinforces accuracy by providing a method to double-check solutions.
  • Improves graphing skills by ensuring plotted points align with the equation.
  • Deepens comprehension of relationships between variables in equations.
  • Builds confidence in tackling more complex mathematical proble...
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Solved Example

Q. Is (0,3)(0, 3) a solution to the equation y=6xy = 6x?\newlineChoices:\newline(A)yes\newline(B)no
  1. Understand Solution Criteria: Understand what it means for a point to be a solution to an equation.\newlineA point is a solution to an equation if, when the xx and yy values of the point are substituted into the equation, the equation is satisfied (both sides are equal).
  2. Substitute Values: Substitute the xx and yy values of the point (0,3)(0, 3) into the equation y=6xy = 6x.\newlineSubstitute x=0x = 0 and y=3y = 3 into the equation to see if it holds true.\newline3=6×03 = 6 \times 0
  3. Perform Multiplication: Perform the multiplication on the right side of the equation. 6×0=06 \times 0 = 0
  4. Compare Results: Compare the results of the substitution to the original equation.\newlineAfter substitution and calculation, we have 3=03 = 0, which is not true.
  5. Determine Solution Status: Determine if the point (0,3)(0, 3) is a solution to the equation.\newlineSince 33 does not equal 00, the point (0,3)(0, 3) is not a solution to the equation y=6xy = 6x.

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